The Artists  


Alexa & Connor Grooms

Two incredibly lucky young people! Alexa & Connor at age 17 and 16 respecitively have already had an amazing life by any standard. Having already lived in Greece and traveled extensively in Europe by the time they were 9, a trip around the world did not seem all that daunting.

Both having incredibly gifted young minds, the year away from formal school only proved an accelerator to their education instead of a year off. They both attend the prestigous Pine View School in Osprey (Sarasota), Florida.

Alexa & Connor began their formal training with the camera as part of their new home school curriculum prior to the departure of their one year trip which began in mid-July of 2005. It was during this time they learnt the theory of photography before their were even allowed to touch a camera. Today they shoot one of the most advanced cameras in history, normally in manual mode in order ensure their education in photography continues.

Some of their images appear in the book because they truly surpass the threshold for publication not because they were taken by young people. The cover of our book, "Portraits of Our World" was shot by Connor, when he was 10.